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This is the history that is known of Alexsi.
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Alexsi was born on a mountain in Greece. Alexsi is a Gypsy princess born of the Baravos mountain puma clan. Her father was unknown to her until she discovered that that he was none other than the Great Moondog, dreammaster , and royalty. He had givien up his title to keep watch over her from a distance, making sure no harm ever came to her. Such was his love for his daughter.

Alexsi was very a very studious child, and learned the Gypsy arts quickly. Learning to survive in the wild was easy for a puma child. But she excelled in dancing. Her teachers soon ran out of things to teach her.

Alexsi is an adventurous furre and soon the call came to her. She left home to seek her fortune and eventually wound up in Meovanni Village. Investigating this new and wondrous place she met a white tiger named Jin Long.

She was briefly married to him and bore a son named Alexander. Alexander now lives in the old country with her family, being trained in the way of Gypsies.

But the marraige did not last as Jin Long proved unfaithfull to her.

Again she sought companionship and was wed to NiteMyste. This, sadly, proved unsuccessful as well and they eventually parted ways.

A short while ago, a dark furred feline named Ian Greyhawke entered her life and they were wed.

She and Ian brought their son, Iandros into the world. They are currently raising him in their village, Lost Lake.

Lost Lake was founded by Alexsi as a place for the homeless. A quiet village where peace is the rule and violence is not tolerated. Shortly after the last brick was laid and the village was opened, Ian cast a great spell of Warding upon Lost Lake with the help of his creator's mystical library. Now furres who are warned and still engage in violence are banished to Limbo and into the clutches of the Lord of Limbo, Dogarath, never to return.

During her time in Furcadia, Alexsi has adopted many brothers and sisters. She has taken many orphaned children under her soft wings, as well. She has also earned many friends.

Recently, Alexsi was made a Dutchess in Queen Alicorn's court at the Castle Chariot. And she has been named Taneesta of the City of Legends.

Alexsi is a healer of Arch Mage status - she is unparallelled. She controls the "Mists of Furcadia", a very potent force of form control. Thankfully she uses this power only to heal. She also has the power to create things from thin air via an ancient Gypsy magic form known as "Snapping". This power she uses to provide for the needy.

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